Rapier and Dagger Pommels

Rapier and Dagger Pommels

Date: Early 17th Century
Context: (L-R) Plowzone, Fort Pocahontas, James Fort’s First Well

Functioning as the counterweight of the blade, rapier pommels were often engraved and embellished with precious metals. The first two pommels (L-R) are from rapiers.

Used in conjunction with a sword for close combat, the dagger would be held in the left hand for parrying. The third pommel (L-R) is from a dagger.

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Arthur Salwey Portrait
Dated contemporary portraits can provide researchers with clues to the social status of the individuals and the artifact parallels depicted. In 1599, English gentleman Arthur Salwey commissioned this painting. His rapier pommel matches the Jamestown example.