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Delve into our video series, Dig Deeper, for your front-row seat to the latest archaeological discoveries and analysis. Each episode examines current research, exciting history, or unique and unusual artifacts that define Jamestown’s past. Check back each week for a new episode or subscribe to the Jamestown Rediscovery YouTube channel to be notified each time a video is added to the series.

episodes 13–24

Episode 13: Burials in Historic Jamestowne Churchyard
Episode 14: Investigating the Ruins of Jamestown’s Churchyard Wall
Episode 15: How to Time-Lapse an Archaeological Dig
Episode 16: Fort to Port—Old Archaeology, New Finds
Episode 17: The Tempest Act I—Protecting Archaeological Sites from Wind and Weather
Episode 18: Changes to Jamestown Island Caused by Wind, Erosion, and Climate Change
Episode 19: The Archaeology of the “Dead Shed” Construction Site
Episode 20: Exciting New Finds in the Historic Jamestowne Churchyard
Episode 21: Searching for the Defenses of the 1607 Fort at the River’s Edge
Episode 22: Losing Ground: Jamestown Before the Seawall
Episode 23: Discovering an Artifact Made by the First English Potter in North America
Episode 24: Laid to Rest: Final Finds at the Dead Shed

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