In 2004 the Jamestown Rediscovery team investigated the west bulwark trench at James Fort’s western corner. Northeast of that bulwark, archaeologists uncovered cobblestone foundations for two large fort-period structures parallel to the west palisade wall. These were likely the rowhouses called “Councillor’s Row,” where the governor and other officials lived. Ralph Hamor, an original settler, described two fort buildings constructed in 1611 under the direction of Governor Thomas Gates as, “two fair rows of houses, all of framed timber, two stories, and an upper garret, or corn loft.” The rowhouses featured the H-shaped double fireplaces that visitors can see marked in brick on the ground inside the western palisade. Archaeologists also excavated a late 17th-century brick-lined cellar containing 10 intact wine bottles left sitting upright on the cellar floor. One had Governor Francis Nicholson’s seal on it. Read the Dig Updates for more detail on these investigations.

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