Volunteer Program

Fulfilling Jamestown Rediscovery’s Mission

Established in 1995, Jamestown’s Volunteer Program has played an invaluable role in fulfilling our mission to uncover, preserve, and share Jamestown’s diverse history and its contributions to the foundations of America. From site interpreters and museum guides, to support in our conservation lab and development office, our dedicated volunteers have enriched the experiences of visitors and staff for more than twenty years. We are truly grateful for their ongoing commitment to this special place and hope you will consider joining us in our efforts.

Today, a variety of volunteer positions with Jamestown Rediscovery include:

group of volunteers at archaeological site
Jamestown Rediscovery volunteers with Archaeological Field Technician Caitlin Delmas at the seawall site.
  • Fort Site Interpreters: For centuries, local legend had presumed that the original James Fort washed away into the river because of erosion and would never be found.  Nevertheless, Dr. William Kelso challenged this long-held belief and, with the help of an outstanding team of archaeologists and researchers, they not only located James Fort, but have also unearthed over 3 million artifacts since the project began. Volunteer Fort Site Interpreters share this remarkable story and provide updates regarding our ongoing excavations with the visiting public.
    *Note – Must be comfortable walking/standing outdoors for extended periods of time.
  • Development Office Volunteers: As a private non-profit organization, the Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation does not receive any regular state or federal funding and relies on contributions from generous friends near and far. Volunteers in the Development Office assist with a variety of critical fundraising efforts such as: preparing large-quantity mailings, assisting with special events on site, and other general office tasks as needed. Some responsibilities are ongoing and can be done independently, while others may require several volunteers for a specific project or event.
  • Archaearium Museum Docents: Jamestown’s award-winning archaeology museum, the Nathalie P. & Alan M. Voorhees Archaearium, houses a selection of the extraordinary artifacts uncovered over the years at Jamestown. The spectacular discoveries on display present some of the most important examples of the material culture of Virginia Indians and early English and European settlers in the country. Docent volunteers are available to assist guests and answer any questions they might have as they explore the on-site museum.
  • Lab Volunteers: Jamestown is home to an unparalleled collection of more than 3 million artifacts recovered on site. It is no small task to care for these priceless artifacts. Patient, detail-oriented volunteers are also welcome in our archaeological lab where they are a vital part of the curatorial process. Tasks include activities such as washing and sorting artifacts fresh from the field, reorganizing old collections, labeling and mending ceramics, or helping with lab-related public programming.

We hope to use this page to highlight some of the dedicated Jamestown Rediscovery volunteers and the work they do. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Korinne Young (kyoung@preservationvirginia.org) and download the application form here: Volunteer Application (PDF)