Legacies of 1619

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2:00pm - 3:00pm

1619-2019 LogoLegacies of 1619: Freedom and Slavery at Jamestown

Location: The Dale House Café

Join Jamestown Rediscovery Manager of Public Programs, Justin Bates, as he discusses the events of the summer of 1619, the year the first documented enslaved Africans arrived in the Virginia colony. The events of 1619 signify the paradox of freedom and slavery that lay at the root of Virginia’s founding, creating long lasting legacies that can still be seen and felt 400 years later. Justin will explore not only the development and legacy of a racially based system of enslavement, but also the hardship, hope, despair, triumph, and resilience displayed and experienced by the many peoples who laid the groundwork for what would become the United States.

This program will also be offered on February 20 at 2:00pm.

Free with paid admission to Historic Jamestowne

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