Where America Began: Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg And Yorktown Blu-Ray


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Filmed and edited in High Definition, this blu-ray takes you on a fascinating tour of Virginia’s Historic Triangle – Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg and Yorktown. Explore the dramatic events that occurred at each, re-living some of the most important chapters in American history. LEARN COLONIAL HISTORY – From the first English settlers at Jamestown and the establishment of the colonial government, to the surrender of the British Army at Yorktown and the birth of a new nation, experience life in colonial America. Enjoy the celebration of America’s roots: colonial-era crafts, fifes and drums, dramatic militia musters, battlefield re-enactments, archaeological digs and more.

Total run time: 90 minutes. Stereo. Closed Captions.

Studio: Finley-Holiday Film Corp.

Released: 2013