Heart Charm


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The iconic heart ideograph, contemporarily known as an icon of romantic love and passion, has been recognized as a symbol with this context since the late Middle Ages, but has had a boom in usage since the 19th century. The geometric shape we now recognize as a heart has shown up in contexts dating as far back as 5th century BCE, but it is believed that at that time it was modeled after the naturally occurring shapes of foliage. In the 12th century CE, the heart began to appear in religious contexts, often with the point facing upwards. The heart as we know it today, in the color red, with the point facing downwards, was first popularized in the late 15th century with its appearance as a suit in a deck of playing cards. 


This sterling silver charm measures 3/8″ at its widest points.

Made exclusively for APVA by Hand & Hammer Silversmiths.

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