Sam Collier And The Founding Of Jamestown


Author: Candice Ransom


Twelve-year old Sam Collier was eager for adventure.  He came from England to be a settler in the new land of Virginia.  But his life in the New World proved to be a harsh test.  In April 1607, twelve-year-old Sam Collier and a group of Englishmen landed in North America. Arriving as an assistant to the solider John Smith, Sam was excited to discover what adventures lay before him in the new land soon to be known as Virginia. But the months ahead would soon prove to be a harsh test. Facing sickness and starvation and sudden attack, Sam had to use all his wits if he were to survive. Could Sam and his fellow settlers trust Virginia’s Indians to help them? Could they learn to survive in this strange new land?


Author: Candice Ransom

Published: 2006

Pages: 48


ISBN: 9780822564515