Empires In The Forest: Jamestown And The Making Of America


Authors: Avery Chenoweth & Robert Llewellyn

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A Story of Landscape and American Identity comes a new collaborative effort detailing the story of our nation’s birth: Jamestown and the Making of America. This beautiful work of photography and prose traces the ways in which American culture grew out of the conflict that characterized the first contact between Native Americans and Europeans. Expanding in their unique treatment of Albemarle County, the artists use photographs from our time to suggest both the ancient and recent pasts, creating a virtual experience from the Colonial era into modern times. Telling this great story in modern terms by dusting off the history to reveal the main players as fresh and alive today as they were then.


Author or Authors: Avery Chenoweth & Robert Llewellyn

Published: 2006

Pages: 208


ISBN: 9780974270715