The Tempest For Kids (Shakespeare Can Be Fun!)


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The Tempest is an exciting tale of jealousy and betrayal, magic and romance, repentance and forgiveness, and has all the elements necessary to ignite a young child’s imagination and creative energy. By her use of rhyming couplets, Lois Burdett has once again succeeded in transforming Shakespeare’s complex verse into a format readily understood by children.

Children’s enthusiasm toward Burdett’s adapted Shakespeare is evident in the wonderful drawings and anecdotes created by her Grade 2 and 3 students at Hamlet Elementary School in Stratford, Ontario. Together with the five other books in the successful and beautifully produced Shakespeare Can Be Fun! series, The Tempest will delight teachers, parents and children.

Title: The Tempest For Kids (Shakespeare Can Be Fun!)
Author: Lois Burdett
Published: September 1999
Pages: 64
Reading Age: 7-10 years
Lexile Measure: NP
Dimensions: 7.69 x 0.19 x 9.19 inches
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1552093269

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Dimensions 7.69 × 0.19 × 9.19 in

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