Jamestown Trivia! Flabbergasting Facts For Kids … And Adults!


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Sure, you know America got started when some folks came to Jamestown from England.  You know those folks came searching for gold and other untold treasures. You know those folks were looking for a shortcut to the Orient.  You know some of those folks came because they wanted to, and others came because they were told to come.  But DID YOU KNOW…

…Colonial kids either had to find or make their own toys?

…One of the Jamestown settlers may have been a cannibal?

…Christopher Newport, a captain of one of the ships, only had one arm?

…When Haley’s Comet crossed the sky before the journey overseas began it was considered bad luck?

…John Smith became an explosives expert by reading books?

…In the first years at Jamestown, colonists faced a one in seven chance of staying alive!

…The colonists saved their ear wax for the tailors to use to thread their needles?

…The colonists mostly buried folks naked so they could reuse the dead’s clothing?

Title: Jamestown Trivia! Flabbergasting Facts For Kids … And Adults!
Author: Carole Marsh
Published: September 2006
Pages: 96
Reading Age: 7-14 years
Grade Level: 2-8
Dimensions: 6 x 0.25 x 9 inches
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0635063175

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