Virginia Indian

  • English Flint Points

    The main hunting device of the Powhatan was the bow (auhtab) and arrow (asqweowan). Virginia Indian arrows were fashioned from saplings or a split hardwood such […]

  • Mussel Shell Beads

    Ribbed mussels, known as tshecomah, were abundant in the brackish estuarine marshes around Jamestown. It appears that rawrenock (mussel shell beads) were made by Indian women […]

  • Quartz Crystal Point

    Before the arrival of the English at Jamestown, Virginia Indians had no glass. The closest substance they had to it was clear quartz, also known as […]

  • Nutting Stone

    This sandstone block was found in the first well dug by the colonists in James Fort in 1608 and filled in 1610. The shallow depression located […]