Second Well

  • Roman Lock Pistol

    This pistol with a brass barrel, iron lockplate, and wooden fishtail stock was still loaded with two lead pistol shot when it was found by archaeologists […]

  • Pike

    Pike, iron, wood, England (4018-JR) The pike is a polearm with a small bladed head. The 16– to 18-foot pike was the most effective defense against […]

    • Date

       December 15, 2014

    • Client

       Bly Straube, Senior Archaeological Curator, 2014

    • Task

       Study Collection

    • Category

       Arms & Armor, Iron, Second Well

  • Halberd

    Halberd, iron, wood, and copper alloy, England, (JR2158AB, W31) Unlike the bill which required no special training for its effective use, the halberd had a slender […]

  • Tobacco Seed

    “A custome lothsome to the eye, hatefull to the Nose,” was King James I’s view of smoking tobacco but this small seed saved Virginia. Colonist John […]

  • Shipping Tag

    This small lead shipping tag was found at the bottom of a James Fort well dating 1611-1617. Stamped “YAMES TOWNE” with individual die stamps, it probably […]

  • Goffering Iron

    In a tiny fort at the edge of a continent, an ocean away from London society, someone thought it was important to keep their ruffs up. […]