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  • English Tobacco Pipe

    By the late 1500s, smoking tobacco was a popular pastime among England’s upper class. It had been introduced into the country by English explorers returning from […]

  • Cahow Bones

    It may have been the cahow’s shrieks that caused sailors to avoid Bermuda for a century and nickname it the “Isle of Devils.” The nocturnal cahow […]

  • Furniture Lock Hasp

    This iron strap has a hinged lock hasp and would have been mounted over the top and front of an item of furniture such as a […]

  • Crucible with Glass

    This object is a portion of a crucible with remnants of glass melted, cooled, and stuck to the inside. A crucible is an “industrial strength” vessel […]

  • Half Round File

    This half-round file is used for smoothing and sharpening. The cutting teeth are still visible on both sides of this file from a layer in the […]

  • Triangular Crucible

    This unused crucible was made in Hesse, Germany. The refractory clay fabric (body) peppered with quartz enables the vessel to withstand very high temperatures. The triangular-shaped […]