• Fishhooks

    Several hundred brass and iron fishhooks, of all sizes, have been found scattered throughout James Fort. Some are nearly as large as an adult hand and […]

    • Date

       January 31, 2015

    • Task

       Study Collection

    • Category

       Foodways, Iron

  • Goffering Iron

    In a tiny fort at the edge of a continent, an ocean away from London society, someone thought it was important to keep their ruffs up. […]

  • Nail Header

    Researchers suspected for a long time that there must be a nail heading tool somewhere on the James Fort site, given all the raw material the […]

  • Scuppet

    Resembling a modern day gardening hoe, the scuppet was an indispensable tool for the colonists at Jamestown. It was vital to fort construction in the 17th […]