• Close Burgonet Helmet

    Introduced in the early 16th century, the close burgonet helmet was designed to provide full face protection while at the same time evoking classical military authority. […]

  • Pintle

    Pintles are iron elements upon which swiveling doors, windows, and shutters were hung. Small pintles were used in cabinetry to secure furniture doors.

  • Caltrop

    Caltrop, iron, England, (5858-JR) No matter how a caltrop is thrown, it always lands with a spike in the air. In Europe, caltrops were used to […]

  • Broad Axe

    There is little argument that without axes, the colonists would not have been able to fell the trees needed to build James Fort. Having a much […]

  • Buckler Boss

    Buckler Boss, iron, 16th century, England or Wales (907-JR) A buckler is a small leather hand-held shield with a spiked central iron element called a boss. […]

  • Felling Axe

    Axes and hatchets for felling timber and working it into useful pieces of wood were indispensable to the first colonists. The felling axe, which has a […]

  • Breastplate

    This breastplate was found in a well that was filled in by 1625 and is of the peascod shape typical in the early 17th century. In […]

  • Jeweler’s Casting Flask

    In the summer of 2011, a mysterious object was found within a posthole of James Fort’s 1608-1617 church. There are many resources to identify objects from […]