• Nail Header

    Researchers suspected for a long time that there must be a nail heading tool somewhere on the James Fort site, given all the raw material the […]

  • Shot Sprue

    This conically-shaped cast iron object is a by-product known as sprue — a casting jet from the production of iron shot or cannonballs. Twenty of these […]

  • Scuppet

    Resembling a modern day gardening hoe, the scuppet was an indispensable tool for the colonists at Jamestown. It was vital to fort construction in the 17th […]

  • Pike

    Pike, iron, wood, England (4018-JR) The pike is a polearm with a small bladed head. The 16– to 18-foot pike was the most effective defense against […]

    • Date

       December 15, 2014

    • Client

       Bly Straube, Senior Archaeological Curator, 2014

    • Task

       Study Collection

    • Category

       Arms & Armor, Iron, Second Well

  • Keys

    Archaeologists have uncovered numerous keys at the James Fort site. Most of the keys recovered from early fort-period contexts are related to coffers and chests. This […]

    • Date

       February 7, 2015

    • Task

       Study Collection

    • Category

       Households, Iron

  • Halberd

    Halberd, iron, wood, and copper alloy, England, (JR2158AB, W31) Unlike the bill which required no special training for its effective use, the halberd had a slender […]

  • Furniture Lock Hasp

    This iron strap has a hinged lock hasp and would have been mounted over the top and front of an item of furniture such as a […]