• Nueva Cadiz Beads

    This type of glass bead is named after a 16th-century Spanish colony in Venezuela where this type of bead was first recognized by archaeologists. Hundreds of […]

  • Nicholson Bottles

    In 2004 archaeologists uncovered a brick-lined cellar filled with 300-year-old intact glass wine bottles — one of the earliest wine cellars in America. One of the […]

  • Cupping Glass

    During the 2016 Olympics, many athletes appeared for competition with large round bruises on their shoulders and backs. These marks resulted from the placement of a […]

  • Heart-Shaped Glass Bead

    This small glass heart was found in 2006 by Jamestown Rediscovery in one of James Fort’s early pit features. The green heart is suspended between two […]

  • Gooseberry Bead

    The collections at Jamestown contain over 10,000 beads! Made of bone, glass, copper alloy, shell, and a few other material types, they exhibit a variety of […]