Craft & Industry

  • Half Round File

    This half-round file is used for smoothing and sharpening. The cutting teeth are still visible on both sides of this file from a layer in the […]

  • Dividers

    Made of iron, copper, or brass,  dividers were one of the tools that James Fort carpenters would have needed to build the buildings and much of […]

  • Triangular Crucible

    This unused crucible was made in Hesse, Germany. The refractory clay fabric (body) peppered with quartz enables the vessel to withstand very high temperatures. The triangular-shaped […]

  • Spade Nosing

    Jamestown Rediscovery’s collections span over 400 years of Anglo-American settlement, 8,000 years of Virginia Indian occupation, and over 100 years of archaeological excavation. On Jamestown Island, […]