Copper alloy

  • Roman Lock Pistol

    This pistol with a brass barrel, iron lockplate, and wooden fishtail stock was still loaded with two lead pistol shot when it was found by archaeologists […]

    • Date

       December 15, 2014

    • Client

       Bly Straube, Senior Archaeological Curator, 2014

    • Task

       Study Collection

    • Category

       Arms & Armor, Copper alloy, Wood

  • Spanish Coins

    More than 500 coins, jettons, and tokens have been found around the original James Fort site. Most of the coins are English. Others are European coins […]

  • Irish Coins

    The first charter granted to the Virginia Company said it could print money for its colony. The company never did. There was no great need for […]

  • Coin Weights

    In early Jamestown, brass coin weights were necessary to verify the values of gold and silver coins. Unlike modern small change, which only represents a government-established […]

  • Book Clasps

    Book clasps were attached to the covers of large books to secure them in a closed position. This system began in the 14th century when books […]

  • Toy House

    When archaeologists excavated this object from the cellar of a blockhouse of James Fort, it looked like a small copper alloy blob. After almost 400 years […]

  • Cymbal

    This is a brass cymbal from a tambourine that was found in daub pit filled after the Starving Time winter c. 1610. Music was very important […]