• Teeth With Cavities

    These molars found at the James Fort site reflect advanced periodontal disease. They appear to have fallen out, as there are no marks on the teeth […]

  • Sturgeon

    Archaeologists have found tens of thousands of sturgeon scutes (bony plates which line the bodies of sturgeon in five rows) in James Fort because the large […]

  • Dice

    More than 60 gaming dice have been found in the excavations of James Fort. Most are made of bone, but some are ivory or lead. The […]

  • Gaming Pieces

    These bone gaming pieces are almost certainly chess pieces. They have been found throughout the James Fort site in several rubbish pits. These particular pieces would […]

  • Bone Needles

    Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists have found nearly 200 iron sewing needles from England that colonists would have used to mend clothes, tents, or even sails. Scattered amongst […]

  • Flesher

    From the beginning the Jamestown colony was encouraged to trade with the local Algonquians for fur to turn a profit for the Virginia Company. Furs were […]

  • Drum Plate

    Even the smallest artifact informs, so Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists carefully water screen soils from the layers of all excavated features. James Fort’s First Well yielded over […]