• Irish Coins

    The first charter granted to the Virginia Company said it could print money for its colony. The company never did. There was no great need for […]

  • Mussel Shell Beads

    Ribbed mussels, known as tshecomah, were abundant in the brackish estuarine marshes around Jamestown. It appears that rawrenock (mussel shell beads) were made by Indian women […]

  • Agricultural Hoe

    This hoe is a narrow, heavy type, known as a grubbing hoe, used for chopping roots out of the ground to prepare fields for tobacco cultivation. […]

  • Crucifix

    Jamestown was founded during the imperial conflict between Roman Catholic Spain and Protestant England. Fear of Spanish spies grew strong in the harsh and heated living […]

  • Coin Weights

    In early Jamestown, brass coin weights were necessary to verify the values of gold and silver coins. Unlike modern small change, which only represents a government-established […]

  • Quartz Crystal Point

    Before the arrival of the English at Jamestown, Virginia Indians had no glass. The closest substance they had to it was clear quartz, also known as […]