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Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network
Funded by the Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network, Historic Jamestowne staff developed an exhibit detailing the history of Historic Jamestowne in the context of the Chesapeake Bay region as a whole. Clicking on a thumbnail below will reveal each of the panels now on display at Historic Jamestowne's Visitor Information Station. After reviewing each of the panels, you may take the multiple choice quiz to test your knowledge of the material.
Before the English
Before the English
First Permanent English Settlement
First Permanent English Settlement
The Bounty of the Bay
The Bounty of the Bay
Tobacco and the Atlantic World
Tobacco and the Atlantic World
Nature's Highway
Nature's Highway
A Changing Landscape
A Changing Landscape
Images courtesy of the Library of Virginia, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Department of Commerce, Colonial Williamsburg, Colonial National Historical Park and the Library of Congress.
Multiple Choice Quiz

1. In what region is Jamestown Island found?
New England
Outer Banks
Tidewater Virginia
St. Laurence Waterways

2. What was the name of the largest group of Virginia Indians near Jamestown?

3. Who are the two organizations responsible for preserving and protecting Jamestown Island?
The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities and the National Park Service
Congress and The Commonwealth of Virginia
The Forest Service and the Girl Scouts of America
All of the Above

4. How old are the oldest artifacts found on Jamestown?
200 years old
400 years old
1607 years old
10,000 years old

5. Who lived on Jamestown Island when the English arrived?
Powhatan Indians
Monacan Indians
No one, the Virginia Indians knew it was only good for hunting

6. What is the name of the bay where Jamestown is found?
Chesapeake Bay
Cape Cod Bay
Bay of King James
Dockathe Bay

7. Which natural resource proved most successful for the colonists?

8. How many people came in 1607?

9. What are two factors that contribute to the erosion of the shoreline?
Storm damage and motorized craft
Crab pots and birds
Wind and fishing
Snow and hibernating rodents

10. The establishment of slavery set in place the foundation for
The colony failing
Equal voting rights
More Virginian Indians marrying colonists
The Civil War

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