When you trace the steps of Captain John Smith and Pocahontas at the site of the original 1607 James Fort, you may also be tracing your own ancestor’s footsteps. To help you research your family roots, the Jamestown Biographies Project has paired 20 years of archaeological findings with census, church, and tax records from both Virginia and Europe into one database. It includes detailed information about settlers who arrived during the first 18 years of the colony’s existence (1607- 1624). The records do vary, but for many settlers you can find out where they came from, where they settled in Virginia, what their occupation was, and who their parents and children were. This Project hopes to be a valuable tool to historians, genealogists, and other researchers studying the colonists who crossed the Atlantic Ocean to build Jamestown and other settlements such as Flowerdew Hundred, Charles City, Archer’s Hope, and Chaplin’s Choice. If this database is your starting point, a complete bibliography is provided with each entry so that you may further your research.


Title# of FieldsPriceQuantity
Badeley, John5$4.95
Baglen, Thomas3$4.95
Bagnall, Anthony6$4.95
Bagwell, Henery15$4.95
Bagwell, Thomas6$4.95
Bailife, George7$4.95
Baker, John5$4.95
Baker, William4$4.95
Baldwin, Nicholas6$4.95
Baldwine, Hugh9$4.95
Baldwine, John5$4.95
Baley, Mary7$4.95
Baley, Temperance10$4.95
Baley, William6$4.95
Ball, Richard5$4.95
Ball, Robart4$4.95
Baly, Ann2$4.95
Baly, Nicholas5$4.95
Bamford, John7$4.95
Banckes, George6$4.95
Banks, Francis5$4.95
Bankus, Christopher6$4.95
Banton, Ivie5$4.95
Banum, Elizabeth7$4.95
Banum, John7$4.95
Baram, Anthony13$4.95
Baram, Elizabeth12$4.95
Bargrave, George4$4.95
Bargrave, Thomas10$4.95
Barker, Stephen4$4.95
Barkley, Edward7$4.95
Barkley, Jane6$4.95
Barnabie, John5$4.95
Barnard, William5$4.95
Barnes, Robert5$4.95
Barnett, John5$4.95
Barnett, Thomas6$4.95
Barnett, William6$4.95
Barret, Thomas7$4.95
Barrett, Francis4$4.95
Barrett, Walter3$4.95
Barry, William3$4.95
Basse, Nathaniell9$4.95
Bate, John5$4.95
Bates, John9$4.95
Batt, Ellin4$4.95
Batt, Michaell5$4.95
Baugh, Thomas7$4.95
Bauldwin, William3$4.95
Bawde, Randall6$4.95
Bayley, William8$4.95
Baywell, Thomas5$4.95
Beadle, Gabriel12$4.95
Beane, Christopher11$4.95
Beane, William3$4.95
Beare, Walter8$4.95
Beast, Benjamin12$4.95
Beckwith, William5$4.95
Bedell, John14$4.95
Bedford, William4$4.95
Beheathland, Mary6$4.95
Beheathland, Robert11$4.95
Belfield, Richard5$4.95
Bell, Henry9$4.95
Belson, Thomas4$4.95
Benet, William9$4.95
Benett, Katherine6$4.95
Benett, Margery6$4.95
Benett, Thomas5$4.95
Benge, William3$4.95
Bennett, Joane7$4.95
Bennett, Mary5$4.95
Bennett, Robert6$4.95
Bennett, Samiell10$4.95
Bennett, Thomas7$4.95
Benson, Henery5$4.95
Bentley, William5$4.95
Bentlie, William4$4.95
Beriston, Theophilus5$4.95
Bernardo, Mr.3$4.95
Bew, Robert6$4.95
Biard, Pierre6$4.95
Bibbie, William4$4.95
Bickley, Richard5$4.95
Biggs, Richard10$4.95
Biggs, Sarah6$4.95
Binks, William6$4.95
Binsley, William4$4.95
Blackborne, James5$4.95
Blackman, Nicholas5$4.95
Blackwood, Susan5$4.95
Blake, Bartlomew5$4.95
Blake, Walter4$4.95
Blancks, Thomas6$4.95
Blaney, Edward4$4.95
Blore, Francis6$4.95
Blore, John5$4.95
Blunt, Humfrey5$4.95
Bohun, Lawrence10$4.95
Bolte, Amias5$4.95
Bonall, Anthonie4$4.95
Bonner, James8$4.95
Booker, Lancelot6$4.95
Boot, Francis2$4.95
Booth, Elizabeth5$4.95
Booth, Henery6$4.95
Booth, Reynold5$4.95
Bouldinge, Thomas5$4.95
Bouldinge, William4$4.95
Boulton, Richard10$4.95
Bourbicth, Edward4$4.95
Bourdman, Margaret2$4.95
Bourne, James11$4.95
Bouth, John4$4.95
Box, John7$4.95
Boyle, Hannah15$4.95
Boyse, Alice9$4.95
Boyse, Chyna5$4.95
Boyse, Luke13$4.95
Bradeley, John6$4.95
Bradford, Henery6$4.95
Bradston, John5$4.95
Bradway, Adria6$4.95
Bradway, Alexander7$4.95
Bradway, Sisley6$4.95
Branch, Christopher15$4.95
Branlin, Ann4$4.95
Branlin, William5$4.95
Bransby, Thomas4$4.95
Brewster, Edward10$4.95
Brewster, William15$4.95
Bridges, Thomas6$4.95
Bridgwatter, Isbell4$4.95
Bridgwatter, Richard5$4.95
Brinto, Edward8$4.95
Bristow, Richard10$4.95
Brittin, Robart5$4.95
Broadshaw, Richard7$4.95
Brock, William6$4.95
Brocke, John4$4.95
Bromedg, Sarah4$4.95
Brookes, Edward8$4.95
Brookes, James4$4.95
Brooks, Thomas6$4.95
Browne, Christopher5$4.95
Browne, Edward10$4.95
Browne, John7$4.95
Browne, Nicholas5$4.95
Browne, Rebecca6$4.95
Browne, Robart6$4.95
Browne, Weston5$4.95
Browne, William4$4.95
Browninge, John5$4.95
Browninge, William3$4.95
Brumfield, James10$4.95
Buck, Benoni9$4.95
Buck, Bridget6$4.95
Buck, Elizabeth5$4.95
Buck, Gercian9$4.95
Buck, Mara6$4.95
Buck, Peleg12$4.95
Buck, Richard12$4.95
Buckler, Andrew6$4.95
Buckmuster, John7$4.95
Bull, Joseph6$4.95
Bullen, Silvester5$4.95
Bullock, William4$4.95
Bunn, Bridgitt4$4.95
Bunn, Thomas5$4.95
Burditt, William5$4.95
Burket, Richard4$4.95
Burras, Anne15$4.95
Burras, John12$4.95
Burre, James4$4.95
Burroes, Anthoney5$4.95
Burt, Anthonie6$4.95
Burt, William5$4.95
Burton, Richard6$4.95
Bush, Elizabeth10$4.95
Bush, John8$4.95
Bush, Susan5$4.95
Butler, Francis6$4.95
Butterfield, John4$4.95
Bygrave, Elizabeth6$4.95