explore james fort for yourself

Did you know there were four kids in the first 104 settlers at Jamestown in 1607? Samuell Collier, Nathaniel Peacock, James Brumfield, and Richard Mutton must have been very brave to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to a strange land without friends or stores or the comforts of home. They each served a gentleman; doing their job for that gentleman in a frontier outpost would be like hitching a ride to Mars for your job today.

Now, more than 400 years after those boys journeyed to Jamestown, you can explore the original site of James Fort from the comfort of your computer. Here are downloadable activities and coloring pages you can do, and you can learn more about the children who came to James Fort in a time before electricity, before indoor running water for bathrooms, and before anyone had thought up the idea of "the United States."

Coloring Pages

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Kids in Jamestown History