a search for treasure on jamestown island

Since 2012, young explorers who come to Jamestown Island in the spring and summer have gotten a dispatch that sends them in search of treasure. Their directive comes in the form of a booklet full of clues that must be solved. Each solved puzzle moves the treasure hunters to the next point in the search across the site of the original James Fort. The clues are wrapped into a comic book telling of a part of Jamestown's early history, so the mission both excites and educates. The illustrations are all in black and white as well, making the whole booklet a great piece to color and study further on the way home from the island. When the young visitors finish the Jamestown Adventure booklet, they receive a prize.

The Jamestown Adventure mission changes each year. In 2012, explorers were sent on the quest to survive the harsh conditions of early Jamestown. In 2013 they were asked to root out a Spanish spy and his messages sent from his captivity inside James Fort. In 2014 the young visitors explored the world of Pocahontas, who frollicked inside the fort as a young girl. What mission will you get when you and your crew next visit Jamestown island . . . ?