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Please complete this form to begin the process of booking an educational program for schools and universities, scouts, or other groups comprised primarily of youths. For adult groups, please see our custom tour page. All programs must be scheduled at least 30 days in advance, but slots can fill up quickly, so early booking is encouraged. All tour slots for October and November are full, but we are accepting bookings for programs in December 2019 as well as 2020.

For a printable summary of the tour options and instructions for completing the online form, please download the Educational Tours Information Sheet.
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  • Please enter the number of classes if students will be grouped by class. However each class must have 30 or fewer students and one instance of each program will need to be booked per class.
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    Select the option(s) that are of interest. Prices shown for each option are per each group of up to 30 students. The estimated total reflects the cost based upon the number of groups selected.
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contact information
Please provide your name, email address, billing address for the invoice, and daytime phone number. You should receive a confirmation once the form has been submitted and someone from our education team will follow up with you by email within a week of receiving the request.

group information
Please provide a little information about the group, including the school or group name, the students’ grade level, and your role. For mixed-age groups, like scouts, please indicate the range of ages, so that we can best tailor the program to the learning levels represented.

When would you like to schedule your tour? Please feel free to list specific date(s) and times although we cannot guarantee availability until a member of our educational team has contacted you. If your schedule is more flexible, list approximately when you would like to visit, such as the month or a preferred day of the week. All programs must be booked at least 30 days in advance, but slots can fill up several months out, so early booking is encouraged.

Number of students & adults? Indicate approximately how many students and adults are expected. Each tour option can accommodate up to 30 students, so larger groups will need to book more than one of each program selected. If you would like to group students together by class, please indicate the number of classes, and one instance of each program will need to be booked per class. Groups with large numbers of chaperones (more than 1 per every 10 students) may also need additional programs. Most of the options can run concurrently.

The total price shown is an estimated total based on the number of students as well as the options selected. Groups with large numbers of adult chaperones or groups that would like to divide up in to smaller groups (such as by class) may have to book additional instances of each program selected. All adults 16 years of age and older will also need to pay the Historic Jamestowne admission fee, unless the group qualifies for an academic fee waiver. Our educational staff person will provide the final fee once he or she finalizes the selected options with you.

tour options
Expand the links below to read a little more about each of the programs. If you are not sure which option(s) are right for your group, select the Fort Tour and our education team will contact you to help build your group's experience.
James Fort Tour
Time: 1 hour
Recommended Age Group: All
Explore the original James Fort site with a Jamestown Rediscovery educator. Your group will learn about the history of the first successful English colony in the Americas and how archaeology has reshaped our understanding of this important site.
First Africans Tour
Time: 1 hour
Recommended Age Group: Ages 12 & up
Take a guided tour to learn about Angela, one of the first enslaved Africans at Jamestown. Students will learn about the beginnings of slavery and legacies of race in Virginia, as well as explore how recent archaeology has shed light on Jamestown's complicated past.
Guided Archaearium Tour
Time: 1 hour
Recommended Age Group: All
Explore the award-winning archaeology museum, the Archaearium, with a Jamestown Rediscovery educator. See many of the more than 4,000 artifacts on display and learn about the discoveries of significant artifacts as well as how each piece has contributed to the Jamestown story.
Unguided Archaearium Reservation
Time: 30 minutes
Recommended Age Group: All
Reserve a time for your group to visit the archaeological museum, the Archaearium on your own. Learn how artifacts like armor, pottery, and skeletons are found and preserved. All groups must have either a guided tour or a reservation to visit the Archaearium.
Ed Shed
Time: 30 minutes
Recommended Age Group: All
Participate in an array of hands-on activities such as pottery mending or artifact washing to learn more about the importance of archaeology and conservation. Your group can even assist the archaeological team by sorting through excavated material to discover the tiniest clues to fort life in the 17th century.
Dig Box
Time: 30 minutes
Recommended Age Group: Ages 3-15
Get your hands dirty on a simulated archaeological dig. Here, your group will practice digging techniques, participate in screening activities, and learn more about how archaeologists identify and interpret features, artifacts, and stratigraphy.