Walk the Ground Where America Began

These education tours are designed for school groups and offer a multidisciplinary approach to learning about Jamestown. They are available year-round with advanced reservations.

“Archaeology in Action”

Your guide will show you the original James Fort site and tell the stories of the nearly two million artifacts found by the Jamestown Rediscovery archaeological team. This program includes admission to both the fort site and the Archaearium museum that houses some of the most spectacular artifacts found in the past 20 years. Suggested for grades 3-5

“Finds and Forensics”

Forensic science has uncovered a wealth of information about the settlers at Jamestown. Learn about the multidisciplinary research that is making new discoveries at America’s birthplace. This program includes admission to both the original site of James Fort and the Archaearium museum that features forensic recreations of the faces of some of those early settlers. Suggested for MS/HS

The fee is $70 per program. One program can accommodate up to 30 people. Larger groups must book more than one program. These programs can run concurrently.

To Book a Program

      • Determine the day and time you would like to visit Historic Jamestowne.
      • Determine the number of people in your group.
      • Contact Historic Jamestowne to see if your preferred time is available. Programs must be reserved a minimum of 30 days in advance.
          Telephone: 757-229-4997, ext. 111  E-mail: msummers@preservationvirginia.org
      • You will receive an invoice reviewing your reservation and program fee.
      • Confirm your reservation by making your check made payable to:

Preservation Virginia — Program Fee
Historic Jamestowne
1365 Colonial Parkway
Jamestown, VA 23081


“World of Pocahontas: Unearthed” exhibit

Archaearium tour policy for school groups

Certain restrictions apply for school groups visiting without a pre-booked guided tour.
In order to provide the best learning opportunity for your students and to provide the best possible experience for all visitors to Historic Jamestowne, please observe the following regulations for visiting the Voorhees Archaearium:

      • All school groups need to have arranged advanced reservations in order to enter the Archaearium.
      • All students must remain at the foot of the access ramp until the group leader checks in with the desk attendant at the Archaearium before entering the facility.
      • Students must be divided into groups of 30, accompanied by at least one adult for each 10 students. Students under high school age must stay together as a group while touring the museum.
      • One group of 30 students will be admitted to the Voorhees Archaearium at one time. As one group leaves, another may enter. Allow approximately 20 minutes per 30-student group to tour the building.

Making Archaearium Reservations

Archaearium tours are included in all pre-booked Preservation Virginia guided school group tours. All school groups (high school and below) wishing to tour the Archaearium without a pre-booked guided tour must reserve time in the museum by contacting Mark Summers at 757-229-4997 ext. 111, or by e-mail at msummers@preservationvirginia.org. The reserved-time fee is $30 per group with a maximum of 30 students. Multiple classes can be scheduled at different intervals. Date and time availability apply.

Thank you for your cooperation in making everyone’s visit to the Voorhees Archaearium pleasant and interesting.