Curator’s Artifact Tour

Join a behind-the-scenes tour of the spectacular artifact collection of James Fort from Jamestown Rediscovery’s curator of collections.

The Curator’s Artifact Tour provides an exciting opportunity to visit Jamestown Rediscovery’s archaeological laboratory and collection facility. Learn more about how artifacts are cataloged, analyzed, researched, and stored. This 90-minute program begins with a brief overview of the archaeological collection consisting of more than two million artifacts recovered since digging began in 1994. Our curator will also highlight important finds and show how artifacts tell the story of Jamestown’s early years.


Curator’s Artifact Tours are conducted at 3:00pm usually on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month from late March through October. The 2018 season is now completed and plans for 2019 will be announced in early to mid-February.