Scientific Reports

The following scientific reports were submitted to the Jamestown Rediscovery Project and are available for download below. Topics covered include insect analysis, seed or floral analysis, geophysical reports, and animal bone (faunal) reports among others.


Assessment of insect remains from a colonial well (JR2158; Structure 177) at James Fort, Jamestown, Virginia: Submitted by Gary Andrew King, Allison Bain, and Frédéric Dussault Download 
Jamestown 1611 Well Archaeobotanical Analysis Report Prepared for Historic Jamestowne: Submitted by Steven N. Archer Download 
The Starving Time at Jamestown Faunal Analysis of Pit 1, Pit 3, the Bulwark Ditch, Ditch 6, Ditch 7, and Midden 1: Submitted by Dr. Joanne Bowen and Susan Trevarthen Andrews Download 
Faunal Analysis of James Fort: Structure 166, Pit 5, Pit 8, Pit 9, Pit 10, and Pit 11: Submitted by Susan Trevarthen Andrews Download 
Preliminary Report: Analysis of the Horse Skeleton Recovered from Jamestown Island, Virginia: Jenna Kay Carlson from the College of William and Mary Download 
Well ring wood identification from brick well (Structure 170) outside of James Fort's west wall: Submitted by Justine McKnight Download 
Archeobotanical Analysis of Archived Soil from the James Fort Period Well: Submitted by Justine McKnight Download 
Archeobotanical Analysis of Feature Fill from Three James Fort Period Features. A Pilot Study: Submitted by Justine McKnight Download 
Analysis and Interpretation of Some Crucible Fragments from Jamestown: Submitted by Marco Martinon-Torres & Thilo Rehren Download 
The Magnetic Map of a Fireplace Base: Submitted by Bruce Bevan Download 
Geophysical tests in the Jamestown Fort: Submitted by Bruce Bevan Download 
Magnetic and Conductivity Surveys at Structures 163 and 165, Submitted by Bruce Bevan Download 
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