Journal Articles

Journal articles published at the Jamestown Rediscovery Center and available for download

Some of the topics covered include copper alloy, projectile points, oyster shell, glass Venetian trade beads, skeletal analysis, and tobacco pipe dating techniques.

Brief and True Report of Projectile Points from Jamestown Rediscovery as of December 1998 Dennis B. Blanton,Veronica Deitrick, and Kara Bartels William & Mary Center for Archaeological Research Download 
More Than “A Few Blew Beads”: The Glass and Stone Beads from Jamestown Rediscovery’s 1994-1997 Excavations Heather A. Lapham University ofVirginia Download 
Recovery and Analysis of Jamestown Rediscovery South Churchyard Burials from the 1999 Field Season Douglas Owsley, Karin Bruwelheide, and Rebecca Kardash National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution Download 
A Pilot Study on the Origins of Oysters at James Fort Daniel Schmidt & Dexter Haven Download 
Demand, Supply, and Elasticity in the Copper Trade at Early Jamestown Seth Mallios & Shane Emmett Download 
A Dating Formula for Colono Tobacco Pipes in the Chesapeake J. Cameron Monroe, Seth Mallios & Quinn Emmett Download 
Old World Industries and New World Hope: The Industrial Role of Scrap Copper at Jamestown Carter C. Hudgins Download 
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