Southwest Micaceous cistern

Southwest Micaceous cistern

Manufactured in south-west Devon, near Plymouth, England, and containing numerous mica inclusions, this ware is known as South-West Micaceous. Pottery manufacture occurred in the area from as early as the 13th century, as is the case through much of Devon. Recovered from Structure 185, a single ceramic object of this ware was likely brought with a colonist from the south-west English coast.


Fabric: Coarse sandy temper, with numerous mica and iron ore inclusions. Recovered from an early James Fort feature, the single vessel of this ware was reduction-fired and appears gray.

Glaze: The vessel is unglazed. It is decorated with a white slip-painted horizontal wavy line on the shoulder.

Form: Medieval in appearance, the form is a cistern with a tapering vertical handle perforated multiple time.

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