Mended pieces of ceramic cistern
Southwest Micaceous cistern
  • Material – Earthenware
  • Place of Origin – England
  • Date – c. 1608-1610
  • Location – Collections

Manufactured in southwest Devon, near Plymouth, England, and containing numerous mica inclusions, this ware is known as Southwest Micaceous. Pottery manufacture occurred in the area from as early as the 13th century, as is the case through much of Devon. A single ceramic object of this ware was recovered from James Fort’s first well. A colonist likely brought it from the southwest English coast.


Fabric: Coarse sandy temper, with numerous mica and iron ore inclusions. The single vessel of this ware was reduction-fired and appears gray.

Glaze: The vessel is unglazed. It is decorated with a white slip-painted horizontal wavy line on the shoulder.

Form: Medieval in appearance, the form is a cistern with a tapering vertical handle perforated multiple times.

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