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The following is a list of the colonists that are part of the Jamestown Biographies Project. These colonists arrived in Virginia between 1607 and 1624 and have been found in the historical record. The number appearing after the colonist's name indicates the number of fields with data for that colonist. For a list of fields and for more information, please read the Project's introduction. You must be logged in before purchasing a record. This allows you to log back in at a later time and view any colonists' records that you have already paid for. Once you have purchased a record you will always have access to it. Please take a look at Jeffrey Abbot's record below to get an idea of how the colonists' records are presented.

Please remember to note your username and password as you will need both of them to access the biography information once you have purchased it.

You will not receive the colonist information in the mail; you will acccess your purchased information on this website with your username and password.

Name Number of Fields Price  

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Please remember to note your username and password.

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