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The Jamestown Biographies Project is the result of years of research into the records of settlers who arrived in Virginia during the first eighteen years of the colony's existence (1607-1624). Conducting research both in the United States and abroad, APVA Preservation Virginia has sought to shed some light on the lives of the first wave of pioneering colonists who were so crucial to the existence of the United States.

Using a variety of sources that include census, church, and tax records from both Virginia and Europe, the Project has pieced together information about colonists that includes when they arrived, where they came from, where they settled, what their occupation was, and who their parents and children were. The record can be very scant for some settlers and very rich for others. For some settlers the Project may only have their name and when they arrived, for others we have several paragraphs of information and may know everything from what ship they arrived in to how many acres of land they owned in Virginia.

The Project hopes to be a valuable tool to historians, genealogists and other researchers hoping to learn about the colonists who crossed the Atlantic to settle Jamestown and other settlements such as Flowerdew Hundred, Charles City, Archer's Hope and Chaplin's Choice. For those looking to use the Jamestown Biographies Project as a starting point for further research on a particular settler, a complete bibliography is provided with each entry.

Please remember to note your username and password as you will need both of them to access the biography information once you have purchased it.

Work continues on the Project and the information that we have on the settlers can grow and change as new sources are discovered. Patrons of the Project who purchase the information of a particular settler will be e-mailed when the information for him or her changes. Once you purchase a settler's information your access to the record will be permanent -- you can log back in at a later time and review the information, no matter how much additional information is added to the record later. Each record costs $4.95.

You will not receive the colonist information in the mail; you will acccess your purchased information on this website with your username and password.

Here is a list of fields that are included in the Jamestown Biographies Project database. For some colonists the project will have information for many of these fields, and for others the Project may only have two or three. The number of fields with information in them is listed along with the name of the colonist so researchers can decide if the amount of information provided is worth the purchase. To get started, click on the "Biographies How-To" button to the right.

Last NameLast name of colonist
First NameFirst name of colonist
AKAAlso Known As: This indicates other spellings of a colonist's name found in the records. Can also indicate an alias or a nickname for the colonist.
BirthplaceThe colonist's place of birth
BirthdateThe colonist's date of birth
Christening PlaceThe place where the colonist was baptized
Christening DateThe date of the colonist's baptism
Death PlaceThe place of the colonist's death
Death DateThe date of the colonist's death
Married ToThe spouse(s) of the colonist
Marriage PlaceThe place where the colonist was married
Marriage DateThe date(s) of the colonist's marriage(s)
ChildrenThe names of the colonist's children
FatherThe name of the colonist's father
MotherThe name of the colonist's mother
SiblingsThe name(s) of the colonist's sibling(s)
Virginia Settlement PlaceThe place(s) in Virginia where the colonist settled
Place of OriginThe colonist's home country
OccupationThe colonist's occupation
EstateInformation about the colonist's estate
WillInformation about the colonist's will
InventoryInformation about the colonist's inventory
Arrival DateThe date of the colonist's arrival in Virginia
Arrival ShipThe name of the ship that the colonist arrived on
Bibliographic ReferencesReferences to the bibliography citing where the information was found
NotesAdditional information about the colonist
Biographies How-To
Colonist List

Please remember to note your username and password.

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